Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pioneer To The Falls

My (current) favorite MUSA publication: THE INGALLS WILDER FAMILY SONGBOOK.

Growing up in Minnesota, I claimed Laura Ingalls Wilder as one of us.  You know when she takes maple sugar and pours it in shapes on the snow and it freezes into candy?  That is a Minnesota Elementary School Staple. 
In any case, this book finds all of the references she makes to specific musical pieces throughout all the books - and it tracks them down - and it assembles them in one place.  127 songs! from children's songs to theater songs to parlor songs.

I was already predisposed to like MUSA - a musicological publication dedicated to publishing hard-to-find works from every cross-section of American music? - but add in this little interdisciplinary twist and now I'm practically ready to start an Official Fanclub.

It's $240 on Amazon, but GoogleBooks has your Ingalls Wilder fix.

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